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India’s first neutral web tracking platform launched at Ad:tech 2018

Digital ad fraud detection and prevention specialists, mFilterIt today launched the country’s first third-party neutral web tracking platform using machine learning technologies. mTrackIt helps advertisers to track the web activities holistically giving them a deeper visibility of the digital activities they perform for effective outreach. It helps advertisers reduce their operational overhead, remove cookie/pixel based tracking, but at the same time allow
publishers to get a real-time conversion tracking reporting. Introducing mTrackIt, Dhiraj Gupta, CTO, and Co-Founder, mFilterIt said, “This platform transparently helps any digital business to monitor web activities and gauge the
effectiveness of campaigns and other digital outreach methods in the most effective way without impacting SEO due to external cookies/pixels”. The solution is ideal for advertisers who want to reduce their security issues and operational problems without impacting campaign efficacy.
mTrackIt further integrates mFilterit and tracks over 50 key web attributes to perform forensics on digital campaigns to gauge their efficacy as well as detect the fraud campaigns. Its unique social media integration provides deeper insights into users and leads which helps in advanced validation of leads and call center optimizations. It also enhances the usability of enterprise CRMs by adding a validation layer.
The platform is sector agnostic and can be used for any visit, sale and lead generation and digital marketing tracking over web applications.
India’s first third-party neutral web tracking platform which has an integrated fraud detection suite giving advertisers the ease of tracking outreach campaigns as well as monitoring fraud. Using advanced machine learning
technology, it is able to monitor over 50 critical attributes and process millions of transactions in a day.

Since 2015, mFilterIt has provided Fraud Solutions to some of the top Mobile & Web Advertisers, Mobile Handset OEMs and Telecom Operators. mFilterIt is currently the No. 1 fraud detection company in India & SE-Asia and expanding its services across the globe. mFilterIt specializes in Ad-fraud detection & prevention for both App & Web campaigns. mFilterIt also fraud detection and prevention for D2C VAS based performance marketing campaigns to Telecom Operators and Content Aggregators.
The fraud detection tools are based on machine learning based algorithms which identify various kinds of frauds, detects BOTS and duplicate users. mFilterIt helps advertisers get a true picture on their traffic and helps them in taking critical decisions related to their media spends such as identifying the appropriate source for a


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